Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (aka drones, quadcopters, multi-rotors) is a market currently exploding – growing to $5.6bn by 2020. The application for these vehicles is hugely varied, ranging from hobbyists to professional videographers, from surveyors to cattle ranchers and professional authorities.

There are many options from bespoke component-builds, to kits and ready-to-run units. One thing in common is the need to calibrate, ensure they are on the latest firmware, and figure out what to do if things go wrong. In addition, changes to legislation on a country-by-country basis is altering the landscape for the consumers of these vehicles.

If something goes wrong, it can end up with several thousand dollars disappearing towards the horizon or crashing. Often professionals are absolutely reliant on these units and cannot afford any downtime for repairs or updates. It’s vital to look after the consumer-base in a flexible and timely manner.