Gary Leake

3DZ Founder and former Chief Operating Officer of WDS.

Gary joined WDS in 2003 and was responsible for business development for WDS globally as well as managing and aligning the company’s business units in North America, South Africa, Asia, Oceania and Europe. The remit was to deliver the operational excellence and scalability required to support the increasing demands of WDS customers. Gary brings a wealth of experience gained from senior finance, operations and management roles, primarily in the technology and professional services industries. Prior to this appointment, Gary held the role of COO for WDS operations in the Americas. Here he helped to establish a customer base comprising some of the region’s largest wireless brands. Educated at the University of Washington, Gary continues to be based in the Seattle area.

Craig Rich

3DZ Founder and former Chief Product & Marketing Officer of WDS.

Craig was one of two founder members of WDS over 20 years ago. He has a background in solution sales, technical support and integration in the retail sector. Craig was instrumental in developing the support solutions, training materials, testing methods and documentation that the business was founded upon. Having been involved in all WDS’s disciplines means that Craig has a well-rounded understanding of customer needs at all levels, from the end user through to the challenges faced by the manufacturers in bringing products to market. Craig’s skills have added value to the business through Technical Support management, Operations Management, and technology steering.
As a member of the board of directors, Craig was responsible for developing and marketing WDS’s leading edge technology and ensuring the company aligned its product and service portfolio with the strategy of the business, plus pre-empting customer and technology needs in order to develop the roadmap for WDS products and services. Craig is a technology geek and is based near Dorchester in the South of the UK.

David Ffoulkes-Jones

3DZ Advisor and former CEO of WDS, a Xerox Company

David was responsible for WDS. David joined WDS in 1996, initially as an Account Manager. Since taking over as CEO at the beginning of 2000, David was responsible for developing and executing the core business strategy of WDS, managing and leading the growth of the company. David has a background in customer relationship management, general management, sales and marketing and a technical education with a BSc (Hons) degree. David led the efforts to successfully complete the acquisition of WDS to Xerox in 2012 and the subsequent integration.  David has joined the 3DZ team as a founder and strategic advisor.

Tony Andrews

3DZ Advisor and former Chief Mobility Officer of Stream, VP Wireless of Radioshack

Tony is a highly experienced and respected C-Level executive with a strong background in both startups and mature businesses. Tony and the WDS team first met when he was implementing a complex retail-based support solution for the Radioshack business and awarded the contract to WDS. The solution was designed to increase sales, reduce costly chargebacks and to offer a knowledge-powered support environment to align 2400 stores across the US. The solution married a mobile app, an in-store kiosk, a knowledgebase, telephone support and a forum environment. Since leaving Radioshack, Tony has been responsible for building out the operational capability and proposition of Stream’s flagship MVNO offering. Tony has joined the 3DZ team as a founder and strategic advisor on the basis of the benefits he saw when executing the Radioshack plan as a former customer.