Support Services

Support is often seen as a costly, necessary evil that often gets in the way of profitability ! Done wrong, it can be exactly that - a time and money sink that no-one really wants to deal with.

However, do it right, and it can be a hugely valuable asset for your business, generating vast quantities of insight, building a solid foundation of loyal customers, and enhancing your brand experience immeasurably.

We have huge experience in the Call Center market. We know what has worked and what hasn’t worked. We know the pitfalls, we know the teething pains, we have been there first-hand during the early days of organic-funded environments, through to being part of a market-leading organization famed for it’s scale. We have done this for tiny startups through to the world’s largest and most influential brands. Throughout all of this, we have gathered invaluable knowledge and experience on what makes things really tick from a customer experience perspective, but also from a call center perspective.

There are a number of ways that we can help with outsourced support services;

  • Test Studio - a ring-fenced support environment that allows a brand to safely test new methodologies, technologies, processes, data architectures and services. This is a low-risk way for companies to trial initiatives, managed with a proof-of-concept mindset, without the inherent risks of rolling out into a live operational environment. We still deal with real customers, and deal with real issues, but the primary intent of the operation is to prove new initiatives and deliver learning-outcomes prior to full launch.
  • Launch Studio - a support environment that is geared to help a brand through the launch period of a product or service. Specializing in seeding the digital channels with knowledge, interacting across all relevant channels, working closely with the product teams to generate content, and gearing effectively for an uncertain volume of interactions. This is a short-term environment that can complete the launch activities and then hand over to another environment, or can be extended into a full Support Studio if required.
  • Support Studio - a self-contained outsourced support team. The focus of the support studio is to deliver outstanding service to the end-customer, in a manner representative of the brand values. Offering an omni-channel approach, the Studio can manage customers using one or more channels such as social media, online services, email, phone, forums and chat. Studios can be configured in a client's premises, a ThreeDotZero facilityor in a distributed home-working model.

In all of the above options, data is a key source of value. We ensure that the activities are underpinned by excellent data management and knowledge management. This is then ordered, interpreted, and used to communicate vital information back into the client on a continual basis.

If you have a support requirement or any questions around supporting your customers more effectively, then contact us