The 3D Printing market is set to grow to $20bn by 2021. This growth is fueled by the continuing lower cost of entry for this equipment. Markets are now seeing beyond the early adopter phase, and are enjoying growth from end consumers as well as studios, engineering companies and educational customers.

Whilst 3D Printing is the most vocal in the industry, there is also a buoyant market for other maker equipment - Laser Cutting & Engraving, Desktop CNC, 3D Scanning and more, The market is really exciting and is just starting to hit it's stride with regards to mass adoption. However, this technology is still pretty new, and has teething problems - especially for the average user. You only have to search online for guides on common problems and you will see countless examples of helpful resources that tackle common problems. All is not lost - at the end of the day, people still suffer from paper jams and cartridge problems on desktop printers, so this world is continuing to have challenges.

If you also add the complexity of the computer, Slicer and modelling applications, varying types of consumable (e.g. printer filament) - it is very clear that the challenges grow rapidly.

Maker companies have the need to support a broad range of customers, from end customers (beginners through to advanced users), corporate users, industrial clients, educational establishments and more. A large part of the market has a level of "mission criticality" to their hardware - they are printing, cutting or engraving commercial products, using the hardware for training & education, or offering a managed service to their own client base. This means that there is a real necessity to offer best-in-breed customer experience to their clients, and this service needs to be tuned around their requirements.

However, Maker companies are fast-moving innovation environments which are often staffed by incredible technological talent whose focus has to (by necessity) be all around developing and selling the product. Whilst customer service is a fantastic source of intelligence for product performance, market positioning and innovation, all too often it is also an unwanted distraction that can become a problem in growing businesses.

It is our mission to help Maker companies with this challenge.

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