Knowledge Services

An often overlooked discipline, Knowledge Management is a holistic process that looks to structure, collate, order, distribute and effectively share knowledge across an organization. Think of it as a form of information curation - what is valuable, how should it be codified, who uses it, how should it be shaped for each user, how do you keep it fresh, what should you publish (and where) ?

We have many years of experience working with brands on formulating and delivering knowledge management strategies.

Knowledge can take many forms, from the explicit / tangible information in every business, through implicit / intangible (information that needs structuring and ordering) to tacit knowledge within your teams. All of this needs to be handled in a common way, structured appropriately and shared in the correct form to anyone that needs to use it. Typically these users may be customer care teams, the end user, marketing teams, sales environments. All need the information, all need to trust it, all consume it in potentially different ways.

We can offer a number of methods to help brands with the knowledge management challenge;

1) Define and roll out a knowledge strategy
2) Analyze and optimize an existing knowledge environment
3) Implement a new knowledge environment on behalf of a brand
4) Offer an outsourced knowledge managed service

If you have a knowledge requirement or any questions around managing knowledge more effectively, then contact us