Customer Service Health Check


Customer Service Health Check


Customer Service Experience Health Check.

A hands-on management report which analyzes the state of your existing customer service experience. It's a simple process - send us your consumer-ready product or application license (pre- or post- launch), and we will do the rest. 3 day turnaround on average (depending on the nature of the product).

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Customer Service Experience Health Check

A 10-page management report outlining the state of your customer service, including both online and traditional support services. Send us your consumer-ready product (or a license to your application) and we will perform a detailed analysis across a number of areas;

1) Out-of-box support experience (in-box materials/manuals/diagrams/signposting to support services)
2) Support channels available (digital and physical), rated for signposting, access and ease of use
3) Discoverability of information
4) Friendliness and consistency of information
5) Suggestions & recommendation for improvement

This service is a subset of our broader bespoke Customer Experience Benchmarking service. If you need a deeper-dive, a benchmark against competitors or assistance with customer service strategies, then please contact us.

The CS Health Check is ideal for all types of businesses - whether you are starting out on the support journey with a new product, or have an established product & support environment, but want an independent view on how it stacks up. Our services is a critique on your existing service, and will outline any areas of potential improvement for your consideration. 

Understanding more about the state of your existing customer service will enable several benefits to your team;

  • Informs forward planning and strategy
  • Informs forecasting of support costs
  • Improvement to your overall customer experience
  • Improvement in product returns
  • Informs product / support collateral
  • Enables planning for knowledge management initiatives
  • Acts as intelligence for Product Managers, Product Marketers, Sales teams and other teams.
  • Gives an indication as to your readiness for a product launch
  • Allows you to introduce a set of quick fixes for the most common problems