Customer Service Health Check


Customer Service Health Check


Customer Service Experience Health Check.

A hands-on management report on the state of your existing customer service experience. Send us your consumer-ready product or application license (pre- or post- launch), and we will do the rest. 3 day turnaround on average.

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Customer Service Experience Health Check

A 5-page management report outlining the state of your customer service. Send us your consumer-ready product (or a license to your application) and we will perform the following analysis;

1) Out-of-box support experience (in-box materials/manuals/diagrams/signposting to support)
2) Support channels available (digital and physical), rated for signposting and access
3) Discoverability of information
4) Friendliness and consistency of information
5) Suggestions & recommendation for improvement

This service is a subset of our broader bespoke Customer Experience Benchmarking service. If you need a deeper-dive, a benchmark against competitors or assistance with customer service strategies, then please contact us.

The CS Health Check is ideal for all types of businesses - whether you are starting out on the support journey with a new product, or have an established product & support environment, but want an independent view on how it stacks up.

Understanding more about the state of your existing customer service will enable several benefits to your team;

  • Informs forward planning and strategy
  • Informs forecasting of support costs
  • Improvement to overall customer experience
  • Improvement in product returns
  • Informs product / support collateral
  • Enables planning for knowledge management initiatives
  • Acts as intelligence for Product Managers, Product Marketers, Sales teams and other teams.
  • Gives an indication as to your readiness for a product launch