Customer Experience Consulting

OK, ThreeDotZero can take the pain of support away from you in it's entirety. But what if that's a step too far ? What if you simply need some help in defining what you want to do ? What if you just want a plan of attack that makes sense alongside your company goals ? What if you are considering putting your support online but don't know where to start ? Did you know how much the data flowing through your customer teams is really worth ? Do you know how to manage knowledge to your best advantage ? What is this Machine Learning / AI stuff that everyone is talking about, and why and when should you consider it ?

ThreeDotZero Studios have years of experience in what works and what doesn't work for your customer experience. We can work with you on defining your strategies and plans, and ensure that you are investing wisely in your customers. Even if it's just a sanity check on an existing plan, we are here to help. 

Customer Service for Startups

Startup companies, by nature, have to focus on their core proposition. You have constructed a team of the best coders, the best hardware gurus, the best business development, the best data scientists. The last thing you want them to do is to have to spend time worrying about how to handle customers.

Fast forward past launch. Your product or service is gathering momentum. You are getting pre-sales and post-sales inquiries and you have no choice but to start using expensive, vital, mission critical team members to help service these customers. This is fine, but you need them to do what they are good at, not being interrupted by customer service challenges. Yet you face a conundrum, customers are what will drive your success and you need that vital life-blood that is feedback.

How do you juggle all of this ? Why should you care ? Is it really that important ? What should you do about knowledge management ? Do you need a phoneline, or is email, forums or social enough ?


ThreeDotZero offers a service to help you define what your customer service strategy should be. Figure out what is important, based on your brand, your values, your product and it's position in the market. We can help by doing the research into what is best practise in your market. We can help you prepare, build the plan, and take the headache and worry away of just how best to handle those customers - tuned specifically to your company ethos.

For more information on the challenges of startup customer support, click here.

If you are new to the market, just about to launch, fresh from the launch party, or simply don't really know where to start, then give us a shout.

Customer Service for Small Business

You are live, you are seeing good success, all the teething problems are out of the way. However, you are seeing an escalating volume of customer inquiries. Some are good (they want to buy stuff), some are bad (they want to complain about stuff).

Perhaps you've built a small internal team that has been handling customer inquiries. It's maybe not being run as efficiently as you'd like, maybe suffering under the pressure of growth. You are considering some online support services, but don't really know where to start.

Clearly you understand the importance of great customer service, but shifting into the next gear can be daunting, especially if your team is home-grown.

ThreeDotZero offers a service to help you plan for the next stage of customer service growth. We start back at what your company is trying to achieve, review your existing environment and support channels, and then build a plan and recommendations for improvements, growth and best practise principles. It may be time to consider outsourcing. You may not be using the data available to your best advantage. You may be missing a trick when it comes to using more than one channel to support your customers. Whatever we find, we can help you navigate to answers that will really supercharge your customer service strategy and ensure that it is aligned with your company ethos. 

We also specialize in shining light on Dark Data. Many Call Centers generate a lot of interesting and useful information about customers, products and general business performance, yet it is an untapped source of data. We can help order, understand, interpret and generate insights from the data that is a byproduct of daily operations.

If you are looking for the next stage of your customer service evolution, considering outsourcing and don't know where to start, wanting some of this "omnichannel stuff", or want to dive into data and can't see the wood for the trees, then get in touch.

Customer Service for Big Business

Often, big business has customer service nailed. Or does it ? In our experience, customer service strategies have grown organically and rather lost the way. Big business has involved procurement in large outsourcing contracts, running multiple vendors, squeezing price, forcing rules, SLAs, and financial penalties.

Customer service becomes a necessary evil, a cost center that is under constant scrutiny on the basis of it being one of the largest costs to any given business. Should companies look at talking to their customers as a pain in the backside, or as a vital interface to understand what is happening with their product or service ? Should it be seen as a cost center or as a rich source of data ?

Either way, the fact that these environments have seen huge growth, often means that the purpose of the customer service has been lost. This is especially the case if more than 50% of the need is outsourced to one or more external vendors.

In addition you may not really know how you stack against the competition. What are they doing with regards to customer service ? What does the public think ? Do they offer a better or worse service than you ? How do you benchmark against them ? What kind of support should you really be offering ? What channels are optimal for you, your customer base, and your market ?

If your customer service environment is mature, but stagnant. If it's in need of a refresh. If you are trying to figure out what is next for omnichannel. If you are wanting to see how you fair against the competition. If it's about time that you just wanted to give it a new lease of life. If you are fed up with the yearly "outsource-off" with your vendors.

We also specialize in shining light on Dark Data. Many Call Centers, and Outsourcers generate a lot of interesting and useful information about customers, products and general business performance, yet the value of this data is unrealized. We can help dig into this data and generate insights that can be used in many areas of business improvement.

ThreeDotZero can put a fresh pair of eyes on the challenge, help you focus on what is core, what works and what doesn't and define a strategy and plan for getting you back on track. Give us a shout, we really want to talk.