ThreeDotZero Studios has been founded by two executive board members from a highly successful Smartphone support company, WDS, which was sold to Xerox, a market leading BPO provider, in 2012. We have increasingly noticed the need for a nimble, flexible, focused business that can offer a new style of support service to fast-growing technology-based businesses. 

Historically, WDS became known for very innovative support solutions, flexible commercial models, and an absolute expertise in the field they served. It was the first to market with an Over-the-Air support configuration service for Smartphones, offered knowledge-powered self-service solutions, advanced analytics and in the later years Virtual Agent technologies. Moreover, it also had the ability to build rapid scale call centers for it’s global client base. Leading brands such as Verizon, Vodafone, Nokia, Google, Microsoft and Sprint entrusted their support and knowledge services to the company. The 3DZ founders were involved throughout these engagements and have deep experience in what works for both scale but also bespoke white-glove services. WDS was privately held and grew to over $100m in revenue prior to acquisition.

WDS managed a wide breadth of contracts from small, niche specialist Tier 3 technical support through to dedicated large scale centers with over 1800 agents. The areas of commonality were in the focus of a knowledge-management culture and the ability to flex with the clients’ needs. Throughout these engagements, the team now responsible for 3DZ were able to balance client growth with organic investment, with the record being the ground-up implementation of a new site in a new location for a major US carrier – 300 agents live in 60 days, growing to 1800 in 6 months. This was at the extreme end of the spectrum, the focus of the new enterprise being much more expert-led, small volume “customer first” environments in a true Omni-channel delivery.

The company has been born out of frustration that the top end of the BPO market focuses on nothing but volume-plays, ignoring the real needs of the brands it serves. Brands like yours.

Why "ThreeDotZero" ?

WDS (aka Wireless Data Services, WDSGlobal) was the first iteration of the vision of offering simple, effective customer experience management, specifically for Smartphone companies.

The acquisition by Xerox (now Conduent) was the second iteration - do what we did, but significantly scaled up and for a wider market.

Taking everything that we learned from 20+ years of building WDS, and having left Conduent in 2016, we have now created the third iteration - ThreeDotZero Studios. This time it's ultra focussed, boutique in nature, lightweight, agile and passionate about technical brands. We've gone back to our roots but with the wisdom that can only come from the experiences that we now have.