We help tech brands knock their Customer Service out of the park


ThreeDotZero Studios is a customer support specialist based in the UK and Seattle. We focus on emerging technologies such as VR/AR/MR, 3D Printing, Wearables, Smarthomes and drones.

Our belief is that expensive, complex products and services require a proper support strategy on the basis of high expectations from the consumer (and enterprise). Most companies ignore this problem until it’s too late. The ones that embrace the power of customer experience are the ones that will win against the competition.

Our service portfolio is wide;

Customer Service/Experience Strategy
Customer Service benchmarking / health-checks
Omni-channel / digital implementation
Performance optimization
Knowledge Management strategy
Knowledge outsourcing
Customer Service outsourcing
Service Incubator

We work with anyone from startup, to scaleup, to established businesses.

If you are launching a product or service, or have one already in the wild, and are trying to figure out the best approach to managing your customer base, then we’d love to talk.


We work with companies that....

  • Think of their customers first and foremost
  • Have an interesting product or service that is maybe a little more expensive, or a little more complex than the norm. We love techy stuff in particular.
  • Don’t want to talk incessantly about TLASLA’s (Three-Letter-Abbreviation-Service-Level-Agreements !) to the detriment of the really interesting stuff.
  • Believe that creating and sharing great knowledge is key to their success.
  • Want a partner that does more than is written down in black and white by the Lawyers.
  • Believe that the support environment is not standalone, is not the poor relative, but is a powerful source of intelligence for the broader business.
  • Want to work in interesting ways.
  • Want a flexible, reasonable, fair commercial agreement.


We run Studios, not Call Centers

We start with talking to the brand – really finding out what they are trying to achieve. We discuss the need, the business plan, how the customer experience fits into the broader company, what level of importance the brand places on it. We work out what the company already has, what works and what doesn’t. Then, and only then do we figure out what the solution should be. This solution can be anywhere from a written customer experience strategy, through to a completely managed dedicated Studio that takes care of everything.