Let's give customers what they really deserve

We guess you love your customers ? Everyone says they do, but do you really ? Can you honestly, truthfully, hand-on-heart, pinky promise, say that your customers trump everything else ? If you really mean it - why would you entrust your brand to a company that doesn’t care about your customers as much as you do ?

The sad truth about ‘customer service outsourcing’ is that most of these guys only care about big number deals. In fact, worse than that, they love it when a customer has a problem. The more the merrier. It means more money for them. Think about it for a minute – they love the fact that your customer, the customer that you fought long and hard to acquire, has an issue. It’s not in their interest to stop the problem happening again. It’s not in their interest to do anything but get rid of the customer as quickly as possible, sometimes even if the problem still exists. And people continue to pay for this.

It’s something we at ThreeDotZero Studios have experienced, and something we want to change.


We work with companies that....

  • Think of their customers first and foremost
  • Have an interesting product or service that is maybe a little more expensive, or a little more complex than the norm. We love techy stuff in particular.
  • Don’t want to talk incessantly about TLASLA’s (Three-Letter-Acronym-Service-Level-Agreements !) to the detriment of the really interesting stuff.
  • Believe that creating and sharing great knowledge is key to their success.
  • Want a partner that does more than is written down in black and white by the Lawyers.
  • Believe that the support environment is not standalone, is not the poor relative, but is a powerful source of intelligence for your broader business.
  • Want to work in interesting ways.
  • Want a flexible, reasonable, fair commercial agreement.

We love new tech !

There is a new, exciting world out there, full of immersion, creativity, innovation. This is the stuff we love. Maybe you are a startup, maybe you are established. Maybe your product is expensive, maybe your customer has high expectations. Whatever your customer challenge, we can help. Examples of areas that are really, really, exciting to us are;



We run Studios, not Call Centers

We start with talking to you – really finding out what you are trying to achieve. Let’s discuss your need, your business plan, how your customer experience fits into your broader company, what level of importance you place on it. We work out what you already have, what works and what doesn’t. Then, and only then do we figure out what the solution should be. This solution can be anywhere from a written customer experience strategy, through to a completely managed dedicated Studio that takes care of everything for you.